Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cyber Bullying Law

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As we are all aware of, we are living in the 21st century which is a world of technology. Technology is getting higher and better as the day passes. Therefore, more people are relying on using the Internet as their primary source for communication. Hence more people might use the tool of Internet to cyber bully and the social risk will increase observably.

Malaysia has not implement any cyber laws on cyber bullying which is because cyber bullying in Malaysia is not a serious matter. However, in the US, cyber bullying is a serious matter and because many cases which had caused death because of cyber bullying, many states in America had already implemented cyber laws on cyber bullying. The government believe that by making these laws can protect their children from being harassed, threatened, and humiliated online.

The states which had implemented cyber laws are Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, New Jersey, Oregon, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The laws are such as follow:
  • School officials are permission to take action against cyber bullies even if the bullying did not happen in school itself.
  • School officials are allowed to suspend their students if one is found guilty of bullying another through telephone or computer.
  • Fines will be charged to an individual if one is found guilty of cyber bullying via electronic communication.
  • Tougher and heavier punishment is added on top of the delinquents under the terms of state's laws for young offenders.
  • Court sessions would be held for cyber bullying offenders and police officials will be getting involved as well.

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